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AbsoluteValueOperation - Class in
AbsoluteValueOperation - returns absolute value of a Dataset's elements.
AbsoluteValueOperation() - Constructor for class
AdaptiveSGDROIFinder - Class in
AdaptiveSGDROIFinder - machine learning ROI detector that locates regions of interest by maintaining a pool of SGD classifiers.
AdaptiveSGDROIFinder(int, PriorFunction) - Constructor for class
Creates a new AdaptiveSGDROIFinder with the specified number of categories and the specified regularization function.
AdaptiveSGDROIFinder(int, PriorFunction, int, int) - Constructor for class
AdaptiveSGDROIFinder() - Constructor for class
Create a flaw finder with 2 categories - is / isn't a flaw, and a linear combination of Laplacian and Gaussian regularization.
addArgument(String, int) - Method in class
Adds a command line argument
addArgument(String) - Method in class
Appends a command line argument to the end of the current list.
addDICOMExtension(String) - Method in class
Adds a DICOM file extension to the current case-insensitive set e.g.
addEnvironmentVariable(String, String) - Method in class
Adds/overwrites an environment variable.
addHeader(String, String) - Method in class
addImageExtension(String) - Method in class
Adds an image file extensions to the case-insensitive set e.g.
addTextExtension(String) - Method in class
Adds a text file extension to the case-insensitive set e.g.
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